Partnering with United for Trees


Your clients save money when they make their facilities more energy efficient, but is their primary motive financial payback?


Clients often do projects in part because they just want to reduce their carbon footprint. United for Trees puts ESCOs on the right side of this equation.

Partner with United for Trees and we will provide you with a turnkey service that takes care of planting, delivers educational programs, and develops customized outreach materials.


United for Trees will provide carbon-capture information for your project.  We can also provide webpages, blog articles, and press releases to help you make the most from your investment!

In addition, some projects are eligible for matching grants.  United for Trees has Sponsors who offer grants, so sometimes we can get even more done with your donation.​


  • Generate Goodwill:
    Customers appreciate your contribution to global sustainability.

  • Build Camaraderie:
    By joining the cause, you go from being a vendor to being a team member. 


  • Avoid Being a Commodity:
    Your offering becomes unique and no longer looks like other proposals.

  • Cause-related Marketing
    Relating a cause to a sale creates a proven path to better sales results.

  • Proposal Support
    You tell us what you want upfront, and we will send you tree planting and carbon sequestration information for your project bid.


  • Gain Press Releases:
    We produce a press release for every donation.

  • Improve Website SEO:
    We put your logo on our website and backlink to your website. Backlinks improve your online reputation and SEO score.

  • Blog & Newsletter Content:
    Our professional writers can produce editorial content for whatever media you need.


Tree-Planting Has Many ESCO Benefits

Getting Involved

Working with United for Trees is win-win:

  1. Contribute to your Project Proposal

  2. Contribute to the Planet

We will take care of everything after we determine what information you need in your project proposal.

Once we have the basics of your donation (i.e., how many trees, where will they be planted, do you want to include an educational component, etc.), we initiate our turnkey process of creating a tree planting proposal - free of charge and obligation.

Later, if you are awarded the performance contract, simply notify United for Trees, and we'll take care of implementation.  



United for Trees offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that can align with your company’s corporate or environmental priorities.

We leverage contributions from ESCOs, federal and state grantors, and private partners to plant more trees.

United for Trees runs a lean operation –

all our revenue goes to sustainability projects.


Help Wanted

Board of Directors

Do you work in the ESCO industry? United for Trees needs ESCO professionals for our Board of Directors.

Founder's Fund

Founder's Fund members commit to contributing matching grants to projects of their choice. This is an opportunity to review and select projects al la carte. 

Educational Partners

We also need Educators and Communications volunteers to help with developing and customizing programs for our tree planting communities. 

Please send us a note from our Contact page,

drop us an email, or call me to find out more about United for Trees.

Dan d'Heilly, GM


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