Delight your customers by developing projects with new sustainability options!

United for Trees plants trees for ESCOs
(Energy Service Companies).

Deliver a more comprehensive ESCO project to your customers! We are the not-for-profit organization that makes it simple for you to offer your customers reforestation and environmental education in their energy efficiency projects.


Our measures can make your project more attractive.

These turnkey programs allow you to deliver key benefits to your customers and their communities, while improving your profile!

Tree-Planting Makes Happy Clients

We plant trees where our customers want them planted: city or forest, campus or park, US or abroad. If we can't do it, we'll find a partner who can get them planted.

Or sometimes, we offer customized environmental education grants. We can provide whichever sustainability measure is most pleasing to your customers.

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"Our customers are excited to see proposals that effect both sides of the carbon reduction process."

VP Sales

National ESCO

“This is a game changer. Our proposals stand out from the crowd and they are getting positive reviews.  School districts are loving it.”


Mid-Western ESCO

"My client said that one of the main reasons they chose us was comprehensiveness.  The tree planting part made a big difference."

Account Executive

West Coast ESCO


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United for Trees

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